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Flash Compression Shirt Long Sleeve


Flash Compression Details-

  • Made from Polyester & lycra
  • Water Resistance
  • Flexible and good strength
  • Wipe away Sweat by inside layer
  • Tighten to skin with comfortable fittings
  • Flash Compression Shirt Authentic
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Flash Compression Shirt Long Sleeve

Fast Berry Allen Fast. Faster!!! Remember Berry Allen Training from lab after massive explosion? Well you do not need nuclear explosion to be as fast as Flash. Just wear Flash Compression Shirt Long Sleeve and everything is at your feet. So we does not give you power but Flash Compression Shirt Long Sleeve can inspire you to be as quick as flash. This compression is water resistance and flexible as super human. Gives ability to do Gyming, Yoga etc faster than in do it in normal cloths.

Cloth Details-

The Cloth is made from polyester and Lycra which is the next generation material available in the market. The quality layers from which the material is made is beyond the requirement of today’s people from masses.

Bottom Line-

Really Need to go fast? Grab this limited edition moisture wicking Flash Compression Shirt Half Sleeve today! Buy more than one. Stock it limited with Hustle From Muscle.